A lot of effort & practice

Tottenham, 30th June

Hussain called Carcaptain on Friday, 23 June. He has booked his practical test for 30 June, the following Friday in Tottenham. He wanted to do brush up lessons and the test and needed an automatic instructor.
Instructor Delroy said he would be able to assist Hussain, despite leaving on holiday on the 30th! Bless you Delroy! Lesson ware arranged, Hussain was to travel from W10, to meet Delroy at Totteham Hale Station, in order for Hussain to practice in the test centre area, A lot of effort on Hussain’s part to travel, but practicing in the test centre area paid off. Instructor Delroy did his brush up lessons and Hussain passed today. his first driving test ever. Hussain, well done, your hard work paid off!

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