Early Christmas

18th December, Hertfordshire

Pictured below is one of our clients, Ruth, her Assessors Simon and Jane, her Driving Instructor Harbhajan Dubb and her son Fred. Ruth had a Stroke back in 2004 whilst flying back to the UK from Chile. Her Stroke resulted in expressive and receptive speech difficulties and limited range of movement to her right side. She initially returned to driving using a steering ball with her left hand and using her right foot in the conventional manner. Due to problems developing in her right foot some years later, she became worried about her safety to use the pedals with her right foot safely. Thankfully, she found out about our driving assessment service. She was initially assessed by our team back in September where they confirmed that she was unsafe to continue using her right foot to drive and then established which adaptations she would require in order to return to driving. Today, we are happy to report that she is able to return to driving using a left foot accelerator pedal following a period of re-training with her instructor, Harbajan Dubb, and a follow up assessment with Jane and Simon. Ruth said, “It’s like Christmas has come early,” and, “I’m extremely happy with the outcome of my assessment.”

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