Day Saved

Hither Green, 12th May

Nalaaluke needed to pass her practical test before her theory expires on 13 May. She is a good driver and only needed to a brush up and work on confidence. She did a quick brush up and her test on 28 April, but failed with 1 serious mistake. We had to get a test again for her and with the 10 business day exclusion period it left us with only 2 days
to get her a test the 12th or 13th of May as her theory expires the 13th. We found her a new test for 12 May in Hither Green. She was all determined to pass and went with Karen her instructor to the centre.
This time she passed the test with only 2 minor faults. Well done and the day saved!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our student’s success stories!
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